Ink-Stained Scribe

Write-Life Balance

Holy crap, y'all.

I'm working on getting a balance between work, school, and writing this semester, which has been just as challenging as usual. This semester I have twelve hours of coursework, which includes Anatomy and Physiology, Conceptual Physics, and Statistics. *shudder* Statistics.

These are three classes that are not in my usual area of comfort, so it's twelve hours of brainhurt.

So, it's a mixed blessing that my hours at work have dropped significantly. That's good because it leaves me with more time to focus on studying. ON THE OTHER HAND, I'm most likely going to lose my insurance at the end of the quarter.

Through it all, I'm still trying to finish the rough draft of Song of the Heretic. Later this month is the Smoky Writers retreat, where I had hoped to write the second novella in the Millroad Academy Exorcists series. I'm still planning to write that at the retreat, but I'm also uncertain whether I'll be able to get SOTH finished beforehand.

It was hard in January to get myself to sit down and write as often as I wanted to--partly because of school stress, partly because I was brain-tired, and partly because I prioritized different things.

This month is all about getting those priorities balanced. Fitness and social life are other factors that affect the organization, particularly given that socializing requires me to drive an hour away from home.

So, who's with me? Who else is going to use February to sort out their writing-life balance?