Ink-Stained Scribe

Journey to the New World

Between packing to leave Japan, unpacking in North Carolina, shopping for things I need in New York/Connecticut, packing for New York/Connecticut, and finally, actually making my way here, I have been moving for a solid month. The actual trip from North Carolina to Greenwich, CN was very nice. Mom and dad swapped spots in the driver's seat while I schlepped (and slept) in the back. Not only did I finish a book I've been meaning to read (Looking for Alaska, by John Green, which was excellent), but I also got to hang out with my cousin Katherine, her two lovely children, and her boyfriend Matt in Annapolis.

The second we walked through the door, we had alcohol pressed into our hands. From a member of my family, I would expect nothing less. Katherine introduced me to a new beverage, which I shall have to make for all mySouthern friends: sweet tea vodka with lemonade. This ain't no
Long Island Ice Tea--this is Southern Booztacular, to be set up next to Strawberry Hill and Uncle Phil's mason-jar moonshine.I know where all my calories are going to come from for the next year or so. Oh hellz yes.

Katherine and Matt live in an adorable pre-depression era house, which was apparently among the first of the SEARS kit houses. There was a stone fireplace running up through it, which Katherine said had the capacity to bring the entire house to 80 degrees in a blizzard. Pretty cool. I fell in love with the two attention-whore cats, one of which fell in love with my mom's coffee the next
morning. (Note to self: steal that cat.)

One cool thing I got out of the experience, is a five-day job! Katherine works for Geneau, which is a French boat manufacturer. They're having a huge boat exhibition in October, and if I don't have a job in NY by then, I'm going to work all five days, for 120$ per day, plus my meals, booze, and the opportunity to party in the evenings, all for working as a booth bitch. "Booth Bitch" is a very official title which indicates a cute girl who smiles and asks people for their personal information. Dude. I thought only sexy reporters got to do that.

Anyway, that was Tuesday. Wednesday rolled around, and we rolled with it, straight up the Jersey Turn Pike, past NYC, and straight to Greenwhich, Connecticut.

As soon as we arrived in Connecticut, Shauna invited us in and introduced me to her pianist, who my parents already knew. She plied us with wine and Irish chocolate, and we yakked for a couple of minutes. Then we begged her to show us a little of the cabaret she's working on. We settled in her piano room with our wine glasses, Stephen at the piano, and she sang us five songs. It was brilliant. We laughed at two of them, and two of them made us cry.

Wine, chocolate, and music, all within one hour. I already knew I was going to like it here. (Do we sense a trend of people welcoming my family with wine? There's a reason, which may or may not be discussed in another blog. Basically, we all love booze.)

The people I'm staying with live in Old Greenwich, and I knew it was going to be really nice, but I don't think I quite anticipated just how nice. It's nice. I'm currently sitting on a four-poster bed with a down mattress and a down comfortor and down pillows, a canopy above me. Not only are they allowing me the use of their house, but they're clearing some stuff out of their downstairs library for me to use as my writing office.

They're giving me a writing office.

In their library. ------->

There is no profanity adequate to make up for my lack of vocabulary on this subject. On top of that, there are three pianos, which I'm free to use. An art studio, which I'm free to use. A treadmill, which I'm free to use. A pool (below), which I'm free to use. A scooter, bicycle, and extra car--all of which I'm free to use.

Further, Shauna is an amazingly hilarious and gracious woman. Also, she is brilliant. ALSO, she has been kind enough to say she will teach me how to use my voice. Finally, someone who knows what they're doing is willing to give me direction. The good thing is that I am also a guinea pig for her, because she is looking to write a book about the road map to learning to use your voice. I feel like I am definitely the one benefiting more from this arrangement, but I hope I can be of some use in this venture of hers as well.

Tomorrow, I'm going to meet Beth Hatton, who is the neice of my mom's clients. Beth works for a law firm, and I think she will be a great contact in the city. Also, if there are any positions available for an administrative assistant at that firm, I would jump at the opportunity to have a great job like that. Talk about working in NYC, this place is a few blocks from Grand Central Station.

So, of course, I have to look smashing. I'm beginning to apprehend the reason my mom wanted me to have the clothes she did--I will need them in NYC. I will need to look smashing.

And I will.

I feel so thankful, so blessed, and so ready to dive into this new life. There are opportunities waiting everywhere. I can feel them waiting to be plucked up. Creative success has never seemed more within reach.