Ink-Stained Scribe

The Pseudonym

So Adryn and I have been developing a new story, which we're working on at present. We've decided to use a pseudonym for our co-authored short-fiction, because it seems less likely that an editor or agent will be automatically put off by the story. I know it seems strange, but I feel like advertising the piece as a multi-author work is an automatic hint of the unusual, which might add an extra picket or two to the editorial palisade. As a pair of untried, unpublished authors, we need all the advantage we can get, so we hide our numbers just in case they think we're attacking with comma splices and unbetad chat roleplays, or thinly-veiled Dungeons and Dragons transcriptions.

At the moment, we're about 1/5th of the way through a steampunk novelette. You can hear us developing the world for the novelette on THIS EXTRA EPISODE of Pendragon Variety Podcast, and you can hear us talking about the challenges of story-and-world-building with a friend...without stepping on each other's toes on THIS EPISODE.

We're not really trying to hide the fact that we're using a pseudonym, so it's not some huge secret. Just a momentary trick-of-the-pen to keep the scales from tipping one way or the other before the reader hits the manuscript. Our working nom de plume is: Adelaide E. Park.

You had to be there.