Ink-Stained Scribe

Rachel and Corinna

Rachel and Corinna are two of my best friends here in Japan. I met them through Gini, who met them through various Johnny's events and such. Rachel is from England, and reminds me so much of Scribbie at times that I feel odd not being able to just say "the Pagemasters" and have her know who I'm talking about, or mentioning things like "Firefly" or "Twilight" and getting a blank look. I can, however, discuss with her Harry Potter and various other areas of interest. I spend the night over with Rachel occasionally--it's the only place other than Taiki's that I have done, and I usually have a really good time.

Corinna is the dark-haired one. She's German, though you wouldn't know it listening to her talk, except for the occasional "v" as a "w" and "th" as a "d," but it comes in the middle of such a fluent sentence that it's easy to discard as just some other American accent. We spend half the time together making each other laugh to tears. The most recent was when Rachel, Corinna, and I discussed--don't ask--how Johnny's was actually attempting to bring back the Nazi regime, and how Jin wouldn't mind because he'd end up with a bunch of large-breasted, blonde-haired, blue-eyed women. Despite the fact that she's German, Corinna finds this kind of joke hysterically funny, which is good. We say so many things without thinking about it, like "grammar nazi" that I would be in trouble if she were easily offended. Needless to say, it was so funny that I ended up under the table at Denny's, clutching her foot.

To most of you, the subject of the joke won't have made sense, but it's okay. Just the fact that we are able to do that together, and also have conversations about important matters, makes me happy.

It's cool that the three of us are all from different countries--I feel like we're able to express worldviews from different backgrounds, and it's fun to find the differences in our cultures and expeirences. It's not only fun to be with them, I can count it as cultural enrichment as well! Sort of...