Ink-Stained Scribe

Historical Guilt

The other day, during the politically incorrect and hillarious discussion on the Nazi party, Rachel, Corinna, and I had the following discussion.

Scribe: I think I'm more informed about politics right now than I ever was when I lived in America, just because I'll feel like an idiot if someone asks me who I want to be the next president and, considering everything that's been happening, I don't have an answer. Whenever people hear I'm from America, they're either like "fuck you" or "who are you voting for?" (laugh)

Corinna: Yeah, whenever people hear I'm from Germany, the first thing they say is "sausage" and the second is "Nazi". (laugh)

Scribe: Every country has it's Big Historical Evil that it's not allowed to forget.

Rachel: Yeah, it's not fair, but it happens.

Scribe: For America, it was slavery. It's still the reason behind a lot of political decisions.

Corinna: The Nazis.

Scribe: You win. (laugh)

Rachel: Yes, you take the prize for Evil. (laugh)

Corinna: I don't know why I'm laughing! I shouldn't be happy about that! (laugh)

Scribe: What was England's, Rachel? (A.N. I'm such a dumbass...)

Rachel: Oh, I dunno. We just tried to colonize the world.