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Project Update

Good tidings, dear readers.


At last, I have graduated my sonography program and moved into the realm of society's economic contributors. In other words, I GOTS ME A JOB! I've settled into it well, and this past weekend, the Librarian and I have finally moved back to the city and into our own apartment.

What does this mean for my writing?


I work at a cardiologist's office that's open four days a week, leaving me a good chunk of weekend time to write.It also means that going to conventions will be easier than ever--no haggling over weekend shifts or using up valuable vacation time just to squeeze in that extra day, especially since we get all holidays off already.

Photograph by paloetic

Photograph by paloetic



I've got my contemporary fantasy novel HELLHOUND on submission right now, and SONG OF THE HERETIC is out with beta readers.

These were my two main goals for this year, but I've also decided to participate in NaNoWriMo this year, in order to launch a new project with my best friend and creative partner, L.A. Erickson. It's an Epic Fantasy series called THE WAR OF THE VANISHED SEA and I'll be writing the first book, WITCHBLOOD, during NaNo.

The final installment of THE MILLROAD ACADEMY EXORCISTS is outlined, and I plan to write it in the spring, around the time I hope to begin querying SONG OF THE HERETIC.

Are you doing NaNo this year? ADD ME!


Imprudence (The Custard Protocol)
By Gail Carriger

I became friends with Gail a few years ago at the second annual Smoky Writers retreat. At that point, I hadn't actually read any of her books beyond the Finishing School series (which I loved), but the moment I got into Soulless, I blew through them. Needless to say, I've been excited about the release of the second book in the Custard Protocol. There are even some bits in there I recognize from Smoky Writers, including a wonderfully ignominious tale of death brainstormed one night in the hot tub.

This week, Gail shared the story of our trip to YA'llfest last November, where we met (and fangirled over) Mercedes Lackey. It's a great read about inclusiveness in fiction, and I think Gail summed up our reasons and reactions to encountering LGBTQ characters for the first time quite well. Read the post HERE.



I've been listening to a lot of contemporary classical recently, because of SONG OF THE HERETIC. Even though I can't really write to music (too distracting), I tend to create playlists for all my books and listen to them while I'm in the car. It's great for brainstorming and envisioning s


Librarian and I are headed to the Maryland Renaissance Faire this weekend, where we'll hang out with Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine and their BAMF of a daughter Sonic Boom. It's been a few years since I've been to Faire, but I'm looking forward to lacing up the bodice, strapping on my drinking horn, and sallying for for the Day of Wrong.