Ink-Stained Scribe

Got it Covered

Presenting the cover of EXORCISING AARON NGUYEN! This cover is a combination of efforts from three of my amazing friends: Brittany "Chiki" Fischer of Chiki Photography, Sarah Moore (model), and Elyse Revelle of Art by JezebelAssassinated.

Also, I've received permission from The Ethnographers to use their song "Looking Eyes, Holding Hearts" as the opening/ending music of the audiobook, which is really exciting! So many NC artists working with me on this.

My only non-Carolinian is the editor, Alice M. (@notveryalice on twitter), who has sent me the first round of notes. She made some really great points that I think will help me improve the story. Luckily, there's minimal rewriting involved.

Things are coming together, and I hope to be releasing the ebook version of this story in August or September, depending on how my projects for ACX go.