Ink-Stained Scribe

Live Like a Kid

Someone at work brought in Little Debbie snack cakes, and while I'm normally good a ignoring the sweets my coworkers bring, Swiss Cake rolls are one of my weaknesses.

They're too sweet, and I actually found that I don't like them anymore. Then I realized I'd just chomped the first one, and the taste is never what made me love Swiss Cake Rolls. It was HOW I ate them.

Step 1 was to break off the ridge of chocolate along the bottom where the coating had cooled, giving it a little slope of icing. That gave me access to the flat sheet of chocolate coating, which I used to take great pains to peel away in a single sheet, much like I spiral-peel my tangerines these days.

Step two didn't go as well--the icing flaked and stuck in some places, and didn't come off in one single sheet. I remember that part being easy. I guess the process or formula must have changed.

Step three was to unroll the cake, which usually broke into three pieces. I always ended up licking the filling off the two big pieces, then eating the cake part. That left me with a little trough of cake-and-filling.

My final victim.

It's funny, because just doing that one little thing I did as a kid, slowing down an letting myself be fascinated with something simple, to appreciate it for more than just its intended function, reminded me to slow down, to look around me with an eye for possibility and wonder and creativity.

I need to remind myself to look at things like a kid more often. It would be awesome to reclaim some of that wonder.