Ink-Stained Scribe

I'm Not Dead Yet! (Shut up, yes you are.)

One excuse for being absent.
I've been AWOL for a few weeks. Mostly, that's because I've been out of town for various events including Rosemary's wedding in CO and Balticon in MD and ConCarolinas in Charlotte. Details to come.

The worst bit about being so busy recently is that it's given me very little time to write. I've been working on changing HELLHOUND over into first person during my lunch breaks, and as you can probably imagine, that's going slowly. I'm also working on the rough draft of BULLRUSHING THE GHOST, which is coming along nicely, but--shock of shocks--is a bit long. I'd like to keep it under 7.5k, but it's 6k now, and only about two thirds of the way finished.

Luckily, I have two workshops and several great beta readers to help me out.

THE MARK OF FLIGHT is still circulating, and I'm planning to hit revisions for A DIVIDED HEART this weekend, between watching my dad's band and stripping wallpaper with my mom.

Amid all that, I'm hoping to start writing the rough draft of BEGGAR'S TWIN soon. It's mostly outlined, and there's really nothing left to wait for. I need to make myself a magic bible for it, so I can keep all the intricacies straight. (Ooooh, scrapbook...Must resist the urge to buy stickers.)

I've been letting the podcasts slide a little, but i'm determined to put out a new episode of Pendragon Variety and a new episode of Fit-2-Write tonight! If you haven't heard them, I highly recommend them both. Pendragon is an audio literary magazine and round table discussion podcast I run with my best friends (Adryn, Raven, Skrybbi, Mica, and Rosemary), and Fit-2-Write is the new podcast I do with Tee Morris and Justin Macumber, which focuses on fitness and its impact on creativity.

The work outs are going well. I've taken a break this week to recover from all the crazy, but am going back to the gym before work tomorrow. I'm trying to start up a new "morning workout" habit, but in case you're a new reader, or you forgot...

Yeah. I'll let you know how that goes.

How are your projects going? What have you been up to the past few weeks? Are you a morning person?