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Writer Wednesday - What I'm Working On

I got inspired by Darci Cole's post today, where she described the various projects she's working on.

I have a lot of different projects, all at different stages, and I guess it would do me some good to put into words exactly what they are, where I am with all of them, and where I hope to be in the next few months. I'd also like to hear what you guys are working on! Drop me a link to your own blog, or let me know in the comments.

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I have five projects I'm working on right now; this is what they are, and what I'm doing with them.

When the slave-boy that rescued kidnapped Princess Arianna is once again abducted by slave-traders, Arianna faces a choice: forget the freedom she promised him and rush home to prepare her kingdom for war, or risk her life to free the young man who gave up everything to save her.

Length: Novel (first in THE MARKMASTERS TRILOGY)
Genre: High Fantasy
Status: Completed (on submission)
Description and excerpt HERE.

Shapeshifting "Hellhound" Helena Martin has only one chance to keep her pack and her human friends safe: make peace with the sorcerers who killed her mother.

Length: Novel (stand-alone)
Genre: Contemporary Fantasy
Status: Draft 2.5
Description and excerpt HERE.

 I did a major plot overhaul during NaNoWriMo 2011, and got a good chunk of it rewritten, but still wasn't totally happy with it. I've finally given up and decided to shift the entire book into first-person. I've got about ten new scenes to write, which will be much easier in first person.

In a world where Nobles live in a city above the streets and touching one means death, PROCNE, a street girl with a forbidden magical gift, poses as a male student at the Magicsinger University, vowing to use her chance at power to bring down the society that killed her brother and made her an outcast.
Length: Novel (first in a duology)
Genre: High Fantasy
Status: Detailed Outline
Description HERE.

I have a detailed outline of the first book note-carded, with only a few gaps in the plot that I plan to fill in as I write. The world is very detailed and strong in my mind, but I'm working out a few more specifics with the magic system (since it's based around music). This is the book I took through my Plot Workshop for NaNoWriMo. :)

A dragon rider pair must make the choice between murdering hatchling dragons, or letting the precious resource fall into enemy hands.

Length: Short Story
Genre: Steampunk (with dragons)
Status: Revision

This story has been through three beta readers, followed by a workshop. I know what needs fixing, and now just need to sit down and hack at the middle, tweaking motivation and intensity, making the characters' relationships clearer and more important

"Big Girl" High School junior Georgia wants two things: closure on her one-sided romance with her best friend Hiroki, and an iced vanilla latte. So when their school's priest fails to exorcise the ghost of a tormented AV geek, Caroline agrees to go along with Hiroki's plan to solve the murder...but it wasn't the close encounter she was hoping for.

Length: Long Short Story
Genre: Paranormal...comedy?
Status: Working on first draft

I posted the first page of this short story a few weeks ago. The voice is strong and compelling, I know the subject matter, but my short-story chops are still a bit weak. The major problem I'm having with this story is that I know parts A, C, D, & E. I have no idea what B needs to, well, be. I don't want to lose the voice of this story, so I'm probably just going to power through it and let part B suck.

What are you working on? Where are you in your process with it?