Ink-Stained Scribe

Establishing a Schedule

Problem: I am not getting the amount of writing done I'd like.

Plan A: Over the next few weeks, I'm going to work on establishing a schedule for my writing.

I've never really had to do this; I've always found it easy to come to the page almost every day. Recently, however, with the obligations from work piling up, and several hours a week disappearing into the gym or writing club (which is usually critiquing or brainstorming rather than writing), I've been finding it difficult to balance my time between obligations, creativity, and rest.

I'm usually more of a binge-writer than a snacker. I might make notations in five or ten minutes, get a scrap of something going, but I don't generally crack my knuckles and get down to work unless I've got at least three unbroken hours in which to work on my WIP.

I think that's going to have to change. I mean, I'm cool being a weekend warrior, but as a single twenty-something, I also want to use that time to go out and do things--to fill the well. I want to get more writing done than I have been managing to accomplish recently, so I'm creating a tentative schedule for myself.

Instead of going home and sitting at my computer and watching YouTube, updating Facebook, or otherwise wasting my time, I'm going to see if setting a timer will work. That way, I can get it in my head that the time I'm using is writing time. It's possible a physical reminder like that will help.

If that doesn't work, I'm going to try getting up early.

We shall see.

Do you have a writing schedule? What does it look like? Do you sprint or marathon when you write?