Ink-Stained Scribe

How Do You Balance Your Life?

How do you choose to spend your time?
My life has six categories of time expenditure:

Social Life

I'm awesome enough to balance all six.

You hated me for about a second, didn't you? OK, stop now. I'm pretty sure it's difficult to balance more than three at once. Maybe that's just me, but let's go with it. The three I've been operating under recently are work, health, and social life. I really want to be writing, but when life gives you best friends' birthdays, you buy cake. And a round of shots. Anyway, the major difference hasn't been two nights of reckless abandon and carousing...

I've recently started back at the gym, and pretty soon, I'll be starting up a fitness podcast with a pair of really awesome guys...but there's one thing I've noticed about trying to get back in shape: it takes up a lot of time. On days when I work out, I've got less than an hour of writing time if I decide to entirely ignore my roommate. I'm not a sprint-writer, so this has been a bit tough on me. I like to binge.

Friday, I have plans in the evening, but my plans on saturday are to crawl back into my cocoon and work on my short story for Pendragon.

Which of the three are you prioritizing at the moment? Which three do you want to prioritize?

photo by patriziasoliani