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Pendragon Variety Call for Submissions!

The first issue of Pendragon Variety Literary Magazine is scheduled for release in May, and we need YOUR contributions to make it happen! This will release first as the Audio Literary Magazine, and later as an e-book.
The theme for Issue # 1 is "DRAGONS". This issue will be dedicated to the life and memory of Anne McCaffrey, so every story should include dragons in some significant way. Cyber dragons, genetically-engineered dragons, dragon mech-warriors–use your imagination. But they must be pivotal.

Deadline: March 5th
If you would like to contribute insert art Pendragon Variety Issue #1, please email with the subject “ART SUBMISSION – Your Name” with relevant links and/or attachments.

Length: 100 – 5,000 words. If you have something longer, please query first – we will consider it.
What we want: From Sci-Fi to Steampunk to Sword and Sorcery, anything speculative! Reprints accepted.
What we don’t want: Anything you would be ashamed to read in front of a random selection of people from a Dragon*Con hotel lobby, including at least one person dressed as Darth Vader.

Format: A properly-formatted .doc or .rtf file
Send it; with “SUBMISSION – Your Title” as the subject header.
We will discuss preferences for audio production after the acceptance of your story. At the moment, we regret that we are unable to pay our authors. If you would like to help us pay our authors, please go to the site and click on the DONATE button.