Ink-Stained Scribe

It's Gently-Wafting Curtains for me...

Well, it's the 26th and I'm not quite at the half-way point on revising "The Mark of Flight". There's no way I'm going to achieve the goals I set for myself in this post, so I'm going to have to bear the consequences.

Now, I could just skim through the rest of MoF, half-ass the first lesson on HELLHOUND, and send out a bunch of queries for a manuscript that isn't quite ready, but everyone knows I'm not going to do that. I've invested too much time in both of these stories to give them anything but my best.

With MoF, I realized there are two scenes that need a bit of rewriting now that I've changed the beginning. I'm also a little concerned with how the relationships of the three main characters appear by the half-way point, when they've all gotten split up. I don't know if they've spent enough time together to care about each other yet, or if they even need to care about each other. Duty and guilt is enough to fuel most of the forward action, and the relationships can develop later on.

I decided it was time to get some professional help. (For my manuscript, shut up!) I've contacted a freelance editor I found linked on another author's site and am waiting for a quote and sample. Apparently, her novel edits can be as low as $200, which is really reasonable considering some of her clients have recently been picked up by agents. So yes. As soon as I rewrite those little bits I need for continuity, I'm hoping to ship it off to someone who can take a look at it from an outsider's POV and give me some good advice.

I haven't started on HELLHOUND yet, but I've been brainstorming some great revisions for it, which involve playing laser-tag for the first time since high school. Anyway, I don't want to rush through either revision just to avoid my punishment, so I guess you guys will get to see me torturing myself with the New Moon movie. At least there will be booze involved.

I need a "Team Buffy" tee-shirt.