Ink-Stained Scribe

Goals and Punishment for April

I'm sorry for not posting last week, but things have been heating up around here both literally and figuratively, and it's been difficult to fit everything in. I may, however, have something interesting for you guys in a few days.

In lieu of some sort of discovery analysis, today I want to outline my goals for the month of April.

1. Finish the bulk rewrites for the new segments of "The Mark of Flight"
        -2 scenes, + continuity pass
2. Revise Query letter
3. Do at least the first lesson of Holly Lisle's "How to Revise Your Novel" on HELLHOUND.

And if I FAIL to complete these tasks, my punishment is as follows:

I must watch the second Twilight film from start to finish with the following rules:

  • I cannot mute the sound
  • I must give the movie my full attention
  • I must film myself watching, and produce a video of the results, to be uploaded and displayed on the Word-Accountable Blog.
Now, I read the first Twilight book and watched the first Twilight movie. I have neither read nor seen anything further, though I've heard quite a bit of what happens. I don't think just watching me grimace at the screen would be very entertaining, so I've decided that--if I have to do this punishment--it's going to be a drinking game.

Due to the things I decided to choose as my drinking-cues, Raven has warned me to drink nothing more alcoholic than Smirnoff.

  1. Each time Taylor Lautner is shirtless
  2. Each time I don't believe Robert Pattinson's American accent.
  3. Each time Bella's creeper radar appears to be broken beyond repair.
  4. Each time there's a Vampire/Werewolf fight.
Leave suggestions for further drinking rules in the comments, and wish me luck in completing my tasks.