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Blog Bus! Great Blogs from This Week

Okay, so I had planned on doing this blog round-up thing once a week, but it turns out my WIP wasn't the only thing in need of revision. It's now been eleven days. I suck, and I'm sorry.

But rather than jumping onto the Fail!Bus, let's take a short-cut and hop straight onto the vastly more scenic route of the Blog!Bus.

On our Route today: Stop 1 - Craft; Stop 2 - Industry/Self-Pub

To start out, how about a little sing-a-long?

John Anealio's Sci-Fi Songs Blog! rocked this week with "New Releases"

And just as a little food for thought, check out Livia Blackburne's post about Psychology as Inspiration for Writers. It seems Adryn is not alone in studying psychology to make people worse...accurately. In fiction.


Three Integral Parts of a Story's Beginning : Author KM Weiland guest posts on the blog, and talks about how character, action, and setting drive the first scene of a story. Hitler Invades Poland, indeed!

The next three posts illustrate why Magical Words Bloggers are Awesome!

Descriptive Passages Part II: Setting : Magical Words Blogger David B Coe continues his series on descriptive passages, this time focusing on using descriptive passages of setting to help further plot, character, or background. Will be applying this to my own work, most definitely!

Descriptive Passages Part III: Action: Because I suck, David B Coe had time to publish the third in the description series while I was filing my teeth against my manuscript.

Setting, POV, Backstory & Characterizatin (Part II): Another Magical Words blogger, Edmund Schubert, gives some good advice about characters interacting with setting to provide backstory and characterization.

The Trouble With With : I just recently found this blog, Flogging the Quill, and I already love it. In this post, novelist Ray Rhamy talks about techniques for avoiding using "with" in dialog tags, thereby creating stronger writing. No more saying "I did it," with satisfaction.

The Successful Solo Novelist: Possible or Not? Very interesting article from Writer Unboxed, which highlights the importance of editors. He uses Anne Rice as an example, showing how her early work was great, and later, when she fought never to have her prose "mutilated" by editorial hands again, how it spun out of control. Well, we all knew Anne Rice had issues.


Howtobescene's 10 Minute Twitter Challenge Song!

STOP 2 : Publishing Industry, E-Publishing, and Self-Publishing

From Draft to Hardback : YA Author Scott Westerfield takes us on the journey of what he, as a writer, does in the process of transforming a draft into a hardback book.

The next three posts focus on the future of the publishing industry when it comes to e-publishing.

Speakin' My Language / The Order of Go : From the Confessions From Suite 500 blog, assistant at the Fine Print Literary Agency, Meredith Barnes, gives her take on why ebooks are NOT going to ruin the publishing industry.

The Future of Story: This post over at Editorrent talks about how we can try to harness the idea of hard and soft trends to help predict the future of story, and figure out it's place in an expanding internet world.

The next two posts from discuss Self-Publishing, why you might want to do it, and when you probably shouldn't.

Should You Self Publish? One Writer's Take / A Self Publishing Reality Check

And Just Because I'm Shamelessly Self-Promotional:

Go listen to the newest episode of Pendragon Variety, the audio lit mag and round table discussion podcast for genre fiction writers. This week's topic is "Research for Fantasy"