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ZOMG I'M ALIVE...and casting.

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Hey all. I'm about 4 chapters from the end of my rewrite. (I have ceased calling it a revision, because it's not. It's a rewrite that cleverly disguised itself as a revision and waited patiently until I got close enough to see how big it's eyes were before devouring me down to my cute little wooden clogs. Le sigh.) That said, I have taken the leap and am now working only two to three days a week at my English teaching job, and doing five private lessons a week beyond that. This frees up a lot of time for me, and will hopefully allow me to get the rest of the work done that I need to do.

I am also hoping that it will fund my move to New York. Yes, that's right! For those who didn't know, I will be leaving Tokyo around the end of August and, after a brief stint in good ol' Carolinia del Norte, shall be packing up my bags yet again for another big city--New York. Technically, I'll be staying with family friends just north of NYC, shopping my book around and writing for grants to attend graduate school for Medieval Studies. Depending on how well the first one goes, the second one may come later than expected.

That said, I am hoping to finish my revision by the end of March. I have no excuse this time, as I am not as busy with work! There are some new themes emerging from the book, which are exciting and possibly extraneous, but I will let my beta readers be the judge of that. Which reminds me--beta readers are FABULOUS. I have a whole party's worth, and they miss nothing.
Thanks to one of them, I've found an agent who looks absolutely fabulous and whom I can't wait to query...once I finish the monster in my hard-drive!

That said, I have another piece of news for those not quite so intimately connected to Scribe-world. PENDRAGON VARIETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pendragon Variety is the podcast that Mica and I dreamed up late last year, and which we've been working on for a few months now. Finally, we have a few episodes up and available on various websites, including our own: Pendragon Variety It's an Audio Literary Magazine for fiction, poetry, and round table discussion of all genres. Every week we run at least two original works, and talk about a theme that is relevant to literature or writing. I encourage everyone to listen and subscribe! Also, we want fanmail. Please write us fanmail.


*puppy eyes*

Not buying it? Okay. How about fame. We have 17 subscribers! If you send us fanmail, 17 subscribers will hear YOUR FANMAIL read out loud on our podcast. What a sweet deal!