Ink-Stained Scribe

Revision News

I've decided on a bit of a revision schedule for myself, just to make sure I keep things going and get it all finished by New Years. This month (what's left of it), I hope to rewrite through chapter five. If I can at least get the gist of five rewritten, I'll be happy. That will conclude the major REWRITE parts, though I will be changing the POV of some scenes later on, and I'll also be adding some new scenes. Overall, though, the actual rewriting should be done after chapter five.

Here's the plan at the moment.

January 1st
Print out new copy

Well, at the moment I'm working on the beginning of chapter four. If I can just have a few solid days of writing, I think I can knock it out and get at least a good start on chapter five before October begins.

Putting a deadline on myself is really working well, I think. It's forcing me to work when I sometimes don't want to. At least it means I'm getting something new on the page, and overall, I think the new stuff is a lot better. I've gotten some good comments from my beta-readers.

I'm very much enjoying how much more manipulative I'm making a certain character (and at least one of my beta readers totally likes him), and how Arianna is becoming much more like a real fourteen-year-old spoiled princess. Also, I'm enjoying letting Rizellen's eccentricities take hold of me and write themselves--it's so much more developed now that I feel like I can do it with confidence and not have too much more to change by the end of the book.