Ink-Stained Scribe

Recent happenings and Future Plans

So, last weekend was the sense that I have never had so many obligations squashed into a single two-day period and felt like quite the celebrity despite my own insecurities. It started out when I left work on Friday evening to attend my coworker and buddy, Aaron's, birthday party. This was held at his guest-house near work, and the partiers were mostly his french house-mates, their friends, and some Japanese/bilingual people I had never met. After the only other coworker to attend left, the only person I knew was Aaron. That was fine, however, because there was a relatively cute bilingual Japanese guy there that I talked to...after most everyone left, Aaron, Cute guy, and Cute guy's friend (henceforth known as sweet guy) went to Lex.

Well, none of them had been to Lex before, and I guess they were a bit surprised when I knew all the staff, got in for 1/3 price, got birthday-boy in free, and cute guy and sweet guy got in on a discount. It's pretty normal for those of us who generally go a lot, though I guess it made me seem a lot cooler than I was. Anyway, I had fun, because I spent most of the night dancing with my friends. After that, we went back to Aaron's and crashed. When I woke up, it was just Aaron and me. He made eggs for breakfast and then we headed our separate ways--he to his part-time job and me to teach a private student in Shibuya.

After my private lesson, I met up with Kuniko and we went shopping and to dinner. On our way home, Seita (the guy I went on a date with last time) called and asked me to meet him and his friends in Nishiazabujuban (try to say it, I dare you) and went to a club. Seita wanted to show off his foreign friend, and the fact that I can sing in Japanese...which was fun. I met a bunch of new people and made some new friends, so I was really excited. By the end of the night, I was, incedentally, also very drunk. Seita had already left (which pissed me off, but he mailed me later a bit worried, so I forgave him), and I ended up going home with one of his friends because Raven had a classmate staying the night.

I woke up around one on Sunday and thanked the guy who let me stay at his place. I went back home and just sort of lolled around the rest of the day in recovery from two nights worth of hangover.

Monday, I went to see PLAYZONE...and my seats were amazing. I had sixth row center, and everybody saw me (obviously, at that distance). I have never had so much fan-service.

It was awesome. Also, I understood the greater portion of what they were saying, unless they were talking super fast. This play has slightly (very slightly) more plot than Dream Boys. Well, maybe the plot is just a little less f---ed up.