Ink-Stained Scribe

Again, with the books...

So, I was thinking...

...which usually ends in another change to book one. I remember a time when I vowed not to touch it until I was done with book two...but that time is long past.

Those who follow may know that I recently added to chapter one. Well, it's too long. I realize this, so I decided that the latter half of chapter one will be combined with a new scene involving Bay to make chapter two. Will I keep this new scene? I don't know. At least the chapter split will probably stay.

Objectve: I need to show Rizellen as a place that has suffered from 500 years of war. I don't think I actually mentioned that in canon, I just keep mentioning the Great War. Well, Rizellen is torn up by that war, and the monarchy is turning her eyes outward rather than seeing to the problems of her people, and the noble class are not concerned. I added a small bit to the ballroom scene, but that won't be enough. I figured there are three ways to do this:

1. Add a scene with Bay before Shieran Laide (Shiro's town).
2. Expand Arianna and Tashda's journey to Shieran Laide, have her see her people.
3. Expand Arianna and Shiro's journey back to Rizellen (after Danaiei).

One, two, or all three? I'm not sure.