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Heretic's Rise

Book 1

165k Epic Fantasy

In a world where Nobles live in a city above the streets, a common girl with forbidden magic must decide whether to free her twin’s tormented soul or use it to bring down the society that killed him and made her an outcast.
— Song of the Heretic

PROCNE's ability to sing the souls of the dying back into their bodies would make her a hero if she were male, but as a woman, it brands her a heretic.

Her gift remains undetected until her twin brother is arrested for climbing into Altaevia--the nobles' city above the streets. As the Jade Guard burn her twin for his crime, Procne's attempt to save him reveals her forbidden power and she finds herself on trial as a Heretic. From the midst of a horrifying punishment, an Altaevian Magicsinger named Bayek rescues her and reveals that they are the last two magi resonant in the key of Soul Magic. Though she is a commoner and a woman, Bayek is willing to risk excommunication to teach her the dying talent if she'll risk her life to learn.

Though armed with a lifelong hatred of Altaevians, Procne dons boy's clothing to study under Bayek at the Magicsinger conservatory. There, she learns that her effort to save her twin did not entirely fail--she simply bound him to herself instead. What's more, the addition of brother's soul doubles the resonance of Procne's spellsongs. But it has also trapped him between the realms of living and dead, and the only way to free him is to die herself.

Determined to find an alternative, Procne throws herself into learning Magicsinging. All the while, whispers of revolution echo through the common streets, and the Jade Guard are rooting out supporters of a mysterious rebel named the Mole King. Faced with conflicting loyalties and enough power to tip the balance, Procne must decide whether to free her twin's tormented soul or use it to bring down the society that killed him and made her an outcast.


These are some ideas I've had. Might write them. Might not.


Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy

Selene no longer believes in magic, even though she still draws odd symbols, climbs onto the roof, and digs up her foster mother's roses...and does it all in her sleep. But when the brother she believed dead shows up on her foster parents' doorstep, he drags behind him a world of trouble even an over-pruned rosebush couldn't foretell.


New Adult Magical Realism

"When the blue light faded, I realized two things in quick succession: I was in the body of my soulmate and I had about ten seconds to decide if I was going to ruin her life."

SOUL + MATE follows five pairs of soul-mates who unexpectedly switch bodies. Some get two hours, some get two weeks, but none of them knows how much time they have to discover whose bodies they're in--and who their soulmates are. From wedding days to big auditions, Xi'an to DUMBO, and through barriers of gender, language, identity, and public transportation, the stories unfold as each character uncovers the truth about what it means to be connected.